Anniversary changes

For those that follow me you will know, the 28th of March 2018 is the 2 year anniversary of the opening of The Practice, My 2nd studio, the first of course being the now famous Fallen Angel. It is a project that has grown and grown to the extent I am not not often to be found in My beautiful Dungeon, not because I no longer like it, not because I only want to do medical, just because I cant physically be in two places at one time. So if there is a PD out there looking for a place to build a good solid business from, please feel free to get in touch, it is without doubt one of the UK’s top 5, it has easy common sense rules and the best and fairest deposit policy of any UK dungeon currently taking bookings, anyway I digress, this is not a blog about that at all….

To celebrate the anniversary and to reward the loyal patients who come time and time and time again I felt a substantial gesture was in order…

Those that have visited the studio will know it is split over 2 main rooms, The Practice an amazing and authentic room that is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of all that is medical, and a recovery room, done out in the style of a private ward with hospital bed etc…The reason being I have not, will never operate a revolving door policy, if you book 2 or 3 hours medical with Me you will get that and on top of that, time at the start to disrobe and chat and much more importantly time at the end where I will after your session feed you Tea/Coffee/ Hot Chocolate, biscuits or chocky bars, I feel as part of taking you on as a patient I owe you a duty of care, I would hope within your session to of taken you to la la land and around a dozen blocks, it is very important to Me that I send you home back in the real world and capable of driving as a minimum. Call Me old fashioned for caring, some PD’s no doubt call Me stupid but it is as far as I’m concerned for me peace of mind and I am more than happy to gift you great value for money the form of extra time with Me to ensure that.

The problem with the recovery room was it was designed as just that and so to some extent a waste of space or space that could be better utilised, the real problem has been finding a bit of kit that is different to the kit in The Practice, can still make a comfy seat/bed but is also practical for doing procedures on and most importantly authentic, I pride Myself on the authenticity of My kit even though that makes it much harder to source. So some market research and the general opinion seemed to lean towards a birthing bed..

Have I had to tell lies and commit deceptions to get one…..ooh boy yes, these medical companies are a nightmare wanting licence numbers and the like, if I was trying to buy drugs I could get it, but a bed? anyway after much a do, i got one and have to say, WOW, it is modern, authentic and fully electric, it is an absolutely awesome bit of kit, expensive, but worth every penny and as you can see above blue….haha….

So not being one to do anything by halves, out came the medical bed and everything else, Number1 was tasked to change the paint work from the rich brown private ward colour to something lighter, brighter and more fitting for a medical procedures room. 5 coats and much muttering later the room was ready to be dressed,….Blur curtains to cover the chocolate brown blind, ambient blue surgical up lighting to create a serene and calming atmosphere, a vertical trolley by Bristol Maid, a wall mounted Instincts Mi re breather system, a serious kit milking machine and a trembler, a 10 stage electrics machine, a Ohmeda ‘M’ Selectatec anaesthesia machine, mind you you can take your pick I have 11 anaesthesia machines to select from, and the crowning piece, centre piece call it what you will a BOCAD AVE Birthing Bed.

I’m told often that My photo’s don’t do the place justice and today I agree, these are taken with My iPhoneX just so i can blog, soon I have a lovely fella coming over to do some action shots so we’ll break out the proper camera for those and see if we can get them better for you, or you could book an appointment and come see for yourself…

Thanks for reading………

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