At this stage in My career I am very particular and know what I adore and enjoy, so My engagement with you will fall into one or all three categories, Bondage, CP and Medical Play.

My love of CP, Whips and Percussion play is as strong as ever it was, my first love and it is my pure delight to enjoy these type of sessions along with the many varied roleplays that can be combined and intertwined with such.

Bondage is completely absorbing, a power play of ropes, chains, straps and buckles to overpower, immobilise and send you to that wonderful mentally submissive vulnerable place.

Medical Play is something I have grown into over many years and explore with a complete immersion and satisfaction into these intense scenes and procedures. Infused with Bondage, always an accute combination.

I enjoy seeing novices as well as the more experienced, I session with a wide spectrum of people, fetishists, non submissive masochists, and dominant males that enjoy the release and escapism, and of course slave’s and submissives.

I have two environments, My Studio or Dungeon and My Medical Suite, both beautifully and extensively equipped, please click on the ‘Suites’ page to see more about these two environments.