So a good few years back now I got off the roundabout that is **The Travelling Mistress**and set up my own place, some of you may know it as Fallen Angel Studio, it was a really good move for me, no more travelling here there and everywhere, covering 5 counties for a one hour appointment, I actually started to make money and cut down my expenses as well….

 I poured my heart and soul into building the studio into my very own utopia, it is often attributed as being one of the best that folks have experienced  which makes me very proud even taking into account the amount of smoke us PD’d get blown up our asses on a regular basis…Haha…sad but true, let’s be honest.

 Anyway I digress, over the last 7/8 ish years, I continued to build a great business, my client base grew and grew and whilst originally being best known for impact and my prowess with a single tail my clients somewhere in amongst it  evolved and as well as impact players I also got large numbers of medical, rubber encasement and heavy bondage lovers, eventually I noticed, I couldn’t not, and so some 17 months back I opened a specialist Medical room which I affectionately call **The Practice.**

 Ok, so the last 17 months have been a whirlwind, as with the studio I have poured my heart and soul into making The Practice the best it can be within the confines of a budget, I am really pleased with it and to date it is proving a huge success, the problem, if you can call it a problem is that as soon as I opened it’s doors for business around 70% of my client base followed me and as the 17 months have passed I am getting busier and busier in The Practice and so have very little time available to session in The Studio.

 For any of my regulars reading, don’t panic, I still do enough to keep Fallen Angel open and have no intention whatsoever of shutting it however there is no getting away from the fact that there are large spaces of time when it sit’s empty and unused and so a business opportunity is there for someone.

 I know there is a business to be built just from the amount of calls I get that I can’t do as I am already in session in The Practice, I am not suggesting that any old body can pitch up and have a ready made business handed to them on a plate, a business needs building but there is business here to be taken, thats a fact.

So in conclusion, I am not averse to any travelling ladies who would like to session here, far from it, I started that way, but in an ideal world I would like to see one, maybe two ladies come and build a business here and see the facility used to it’s full potential, If it is of any interest to you, my phone number is on all my web sites, give me a call, pop in for a coffee and a look round and we can discuss rates and the like and go from there….
Thanks for reading…….