Just a little note to stay in touch with all My blog fans, I know you’re out there I get emails complaining when I don’t blog for a while, all is well here at My beautiful Fallen Angel Studio, the Dungeon or as I call it The Studio is as busy as ever, My Medical Room  The Practice is so busy,  thank you to all that have booked and visited, keep coming I keep improving it, you know.

Murphy, My little Schnodle boy has had a nose infection and so had to wear one of those awful cones this past week, My No1 described it like living with a bulldozer for a week, he is all clear now and I’m much relieved, whilst there is no getting away from the sadistic nature that runs through Me, Murff is My baby…

The hand of Sardax sketching Yours truly  a little while back, fantastic artist who really captures the dominance of the female and the submissive males reaction to that dominance. Book this man well in advance he is always busy and deservedly  so….

And just to finish off a random pic of My beautiful hot sweaty nylon clad feet to keep all My foot fans happy, thanks for reading and if you think about it around 9am friday morning (1-4-2016) No1 will be being royally cuckolded by one of My regular lovers…..take care xx