Cuckolding in it’s many forms is a question I am asked about often, I make no secret that for 19 of the 21 years I have owned My No1 I have cuckolded him, he is grateful as he should be as well as proud and honoured. As an over all topic it is probably way too big to write about in one blog, so complex, penetration or not, interracial or not, short term or long term lovers, condom or bare back and on and on it goes, nothing is set in stone and each experience is individual to the folks involved.

So as part of the topic I get asked about symbols and ways of making it known you are available, in particular The Anklet there seems much confusion and reading between the lines the rules of engagement and meanings seem to differ country to country, so this is just My take on it here in the UK and what it means to Me…So as displayed by the two lovely ladies above, worn on the left ankle out just means it is jewellery, worn innocently, I’ll use pics of My own legs and feet from here on, they seem to be very popular for some reason…

Worn on the right ankle it means that you are a cuckoldress, you cuckold your husband, long term live in partner or boyfriend, so guys reading just because a lady wears an anklet and is in doing so saying I have sex with many men not just my Hubby/Partner/BF does not automatically mean that said lady sleeps with just anyone, ladies if you choose to wear an anklet as part of your cuckold relationship you should expect to be approached , from there on it’s your business who you do and don’t take to your bed.

Then there is the stocking meaning!

Worn on the right ankle beneath your stocking means just the same as above, you are a cuckoldress and you are open to approach

Worn on the right ankle outside the stocking means that not only are you a cuckoldress but that the sex you seek is bareback as opposed to safe sex, it relates to cream pie’s another sub topic of cuckolding, so in conclusion this is just My understanding of it here in the UK I have 19 years experience but have never been heard to utter the words **My way is the one true way** so draw your own conclusions.

Just as a last thought you’ll notice that I haven’t posted a picture of My anklet outside My stockings, HaHaHa, you’ll have to imagine if I do that to My cuckold or not, I can’t be divulging all My secrets now can I.