Ooops and an apology

So early December I did My annual revamp of My web site I like to stay on top of it, I can think of nothing worse than someone turning up and thinking I look nothing like My photo’s, I have right from the start of My career done this, I guess that’s the advantage of building your own web sites, it costs nothing but a very little time.

Anyway I digress, I am forever doing that, December was very busy but I am pretty sure that 90% of the sessions I did were booked in before the web site revamp, I shut the doors as always on the 23rd and went off on holiday.

I was thinking only the other day January is always a little hit and miss but very quiet on the dungeon side, luckily the medical side has been booming and so i have had a decent month thus far, it was in fact only yesterday one of My medical patients pointed out to Me that My number on was correct but on was not and having texted it got a rather rude reply…….ooops!

So on a serious note it is now corrected and My sincere apologies to anyone who has tried to call and got no response or worse texted and got a rude reply, please call back, I’ll look forward to hearing from you..