The Danger of the Written Word

So yesterday saw me having coffee with one of My oldest regulars, I’ll call him *A* for the sake of protecting his name not that I expect just a first name would hurt, but hey, better safe than sorry. Anyway it was a lovely meeting and we cleared the air regards a small misunderstanding that there had been between us, I shall be looking forwards to sessioning with him in My studio again soon.

Well in amongst our conversation *A* said to Me that he had thought of visiting other Mistresses as it was often difficult to find a time that was agreeable to both of us and he very much felt that having read a blog I previously posted regards another Mistress coming to work from My studio that I was  no longer interested in sessioning in My dungeon and was more or less full time in My other studio The Practice doing medical….Now there is the danger of the written word, I certainly didn’t read it that way before I posted it but no doubt if *A* read it that was so have others so…..

I have not retired, I am not semi retired, yes My medical studio is very busy, yes that restricts My time but I love My Dungeon Studio, Fallen Angel Studio and I love to session in there, I am and will always be available to session from there so do feel free to call, email and book!

And regards My previous blog all I meant by it was that as I am now so busy with Medical there is more space in the studio diary where My beautiful studio is standing empty, its a great opportunity for a PD to come and build a business, it is full of Fetters Furniture and therefore if I coin their tag line A Rolls Royce of a dungeon not a thrown together mishmash! I have one full time Mistress working there and she is busy, I also have a healthy bank of folks who private hire the space, they though tend book times outside of the PD work hours so there is space, that simple, There are 2 ladies due to visit in the next week or so but at this stage I have no idea if they are just wanting to session occasionally or looking for a base so its still worth giving Me a call or dropping Me an email, I’m not looking to operate a revolving door once I find someone then that’s it….

Thanks for reading and apologies for any confusion….