So, a lot of you are aware of a couple of things here at The Practice….(1) that the 28th of this month is the 2 year anniversary of the opening of My beautiful Fetish Medical World….(2) that I recently, even with much protest sold My authentic hospital bed…..I did actually get about 4 letters begging me not to do it, however about 30 requesting different things that if it must go I may like to replace it with…..HaHa, I have of course listened.

As you have all come to expect here at not only The Practice but also My other persona DominaSara and My other chamber Fallen Angel, never is anything done in half measures, so with that in mind what used to be the Pre-Med and Recovery Suite has been completely stripped out, re painted etc etc…..An amazing new bit of kit added, totally unique to the world of fetish medical, its here, you can see bits of it in the pictures, not enough hopefully for you to guess at what it may be, and so the Pre-Med & Recovery is now. or will be when a few finishing touches have been added, The Consultation and Minor Procedures Suite.



Please don’t worry, I know most of you enjoyed the recovery room, the hot chocolate/coffee/Tea and biscuits etc provided after your session and the fact that you’re never rushed out the door, that won’t change, that will never change, it will be provided just in an even more awesome and amazing facility than before….the plan is to unveil a completed ready to session in suite on the 28th to celebrate our 2 year anniversary….I told you all when I started it would be, ever improving, authentic, unique and the very best I could make it, I believe I have kept My word…Dr.Sara