So July and a tentative step or two getting back to work, Saturday the 4th saw the pubs and cafe’s open and hairdressers too, I’m booked in Saturday and can’t wait, most Ladies are chomping at the bit to get their hair done I think, and it would seem that most ProDomme’s are making the first steps also….Some as I think I said last month just carried on and never stopped working, some went back a few weeks back after a break for a month or two, some said they were not working and were and on and on, everyones circumstances are different and we are of course all individuals so each has to go with what they are comfortable with…..Anyway I digress…..

So here at My studio I have some ladies who session in a professional capacity and also quite a large contingent of private hire players, and the last couple of weeks of June, prompted by the opening of another establishment in London, I started to allow private hire bookings as much to test the water as anything and that proved a great success, not only did I get a few bookings the way the building is laid out it was very easy to maintain social distancing, and so at the beginning of this month I also started to take professional bookings too, I can’t say that there has been a stampede and if honest I am being select, regulars first and any others I make My call on how the phone call goes, however it is steady away with a few bookings in for each week of the month and quite a few already for August and even 2 for September so a sigh of relief that there is still some business out there and the phone is still ringing which is great, how it continues who knows i have a feeling in My water that Covid-19 has not finished with us yet, time as they say will tell, but all is so far so good so fingers crossed. ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž

There is much change in the dungeon in this last few months barring a couple of small pieces which are sold but waiting on collection the whole dungeon is now fully fitted out with Enfettered kit and i am not finished yet, it is an awesome play space if I do say so Myself and after a long break it has to be said I am enjoying playing in there again….Regards hygiene I am using the below as a double check, this is the stuff you see the guys out spraying in the streets with in other countries, phone boxes, bus stops and the like, I like to think My studio and Medical Suite are second to non when it comes to cleanliness anyway so this is just dotting the final *i* and crossing the final *t*

  • Effective against Coronavirus
  • Kills 99.99% of germs and viruses
  • Food Safe
  • Effective within 5 minutes!!

Super powerful formulation kills a range of pathogenic viruses in under 5 minutes. The safe formula is suitable for use on most non-porous surfaces and when used as directed, leaves treated surfaces safe for human contact.

Independently tested February 2020 to European Standard BS EN 14476 

Effective according to BS EN 14476 against enveloped viruses which includes coronaviruses

As you’ll have gathered I write this blog throughout the month as opposed to sitting down and doing it in one go, thankfully there is a save as draft button….So anyway Politics what an absolute load of dross and depression and false news of late, which in turn made me think of the scene politics and that if anything is even worse, it makes Me think 3 things in particular,

One….what a bunch of nasty arseholes we have mixed with the generally nice folks you come across in the scene,

Two…where do these nasty spiteful obnoxious folks find the time to sit and spew their wrath all over FB, twitter and the like,

Three…I’m so glad I am one of the shut your mouth and mind your own business brigade and that I’m so busy I wouldn’t have the time even if I wanted to vent….Just a passing comment from Me!

Whips, I am forever being asked by other Ladies if i teach whips, the short answer is No! I just don’t have the time even if I had the inclination, The longer answer is I’m not sure I’m any better than anyone else to be in a position to teach, you hear about yourself on the grapevine occasionally (always quite amusing) and rumour has it I’m good with a whip and 2nd to non with two whips, well maybe 15 years back that might of had more truth to it than it does today, times change and things move on, there are many ladies and gents out there that are very decent crackers, I can still crack a whip and I can ditz about with two in hand albeit probably a bit slower as I grow older๐Ÿ˜„ The important thing with whips and anyone that really knows whips knows is when you move on from doing a little fancy cracking to actually using a whip in session on another humans flesh, there is a huge difference and I do mean Huge difference between being able to look good doing a bit of fancy cracking and actually using a whip on someone….If I have a field of expertise and that would be a bit of an if, I’d say thats where it is, some of the whip marks I see in photo’s dotted around the net make Me cringe!

Anyway I digress I have helped a few ladies get started over the years although to say I was their teacher is a stretch, most recently Goddess l’Amour who is actually quite remarkable as a cracker, we haven’t got to the part yet regards using the whip on flesh but the skill set she has achieved in a short space of time putting together cracks, and two handed, is really the best I have seen for many a year, I am not sure if in time when this rotten virus is done she will choose to teach, she certainly has the facility to do it from and the skill set to help others….other than that another real life friend Miss Julia Taylor asked for a few tips and tricks and i have agreed to help get her going, you can see the pattern emerging, if you know Me in real life and catch Me when I have some time i’ll probably oblige and that’s enough for Me, sorry! As I said above I just don’t have that kind of time free and being brutally honest I just don’t have the inclination to do it on a larger scale or a more regular basis, I never have had, we’ll see now how many read My blog as to if that stops the flow of email coming My way๐Ÿ˜‡

So on to other things, still BDSM but more about insertion than about pain, guess thats down to what you consider pain really, In the picture above some beautiful new Anal/Prostate toys, from Enfettered of course, the best of the best indeed! They are called The Devil Range and there is the Devils Mushroom, the Devils Shovel, the Devils Torch, the Devils Tail and finally the Devils Tongue, awesome kit, truly amazing quality, come and have a go if you think you can take it….

Next month I will almost certainly write a book, I will at long long last write about My GenerationF machines, about My dedicated GenerationF room and it’s contents, it has been many a year since I was anywhere near as excited about new kit as I am about this…..I will leave it there for now knowing that next month is launch month and so it will all be out there and available to buy, no longer a test product….๐Ÿ˜€ Whilst GenerationF has its own dedicated play room which is situated in My Medical Suite, I will of course have a full rig in the Dungeon also, when your kit is so totally awesome why wouldn’t you?

And just to finish off for the month, a picture of the new arm/wrist restraints, I gave this a workout just the other day and it works perfectly, the question is who will be next….till next time๐Ÿ‘ Sara xx