I’m not one to be morbid as I would hope you know, I’m not claiming to be the life and sole of the party but I love a laugh and laugh easily, rare am I down, and when I am I snap out of it very quickly, this year so far though it has to be said is testing, over all it has actually not been a bad year for Me but a quite morbid maybe a better description would be a strange year, whilst it hasn’t so much affected Me or My immediate ones it has very much affected some I love and for that I must admit I will not be sorry to see it go…..Huge plans for 2021 and I do mean Huge, but keeping them under My hat till I get there……

Well, so far so good, August is typically a quiet month, but with this rotten Virus still half here and half gone I am thinking everyone is so afraid of a 2nd lock down they are getting as Much kink in as possible, well thats how it seems here it is certainly not quiet, thats for sure….

Caught up with the beautiful Mistress Lorraine and her other half the notorious ChrisP 😇 #1 and Chris have been friends as #1 says since before the war…….I had met Lorraine before but only very briefly this time round I got to know her a lot better and we are going to be spending a little time with each other here and there now, we’ll get some photo’s done shall we?

I had hinted last month that I’d be launching My latest project this month and yet again I am thwarted by Italy this time, yes the country of Italy they shut up shop and go on holiday for the month of August, this end all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s crossed but the most important part is now not available till September, I am so frustrated I can’t begin to tell you…however better to launch to the very best of your ability than go off half cocked so September it is….grrrrrrr🤬 Anyway, easy blog next month I have already written it……

September is looking busy already, and on the 23rd I have Mistress Sidonia coming to visit, in fact she is filming here, those that know me well know i have always refused the many offers to film from the various V.O.D sites however after much bullying from #1 and a little motivation from Mistress Sidonia I have agreed to do a little Medical scene, would you believe I am s**tting Myself but also excited, I thought I’d best do one before I am too old and knackered and with (in My opinion) The English Mansion being the best by far, now is the time……Keep Me in your thoughts and your fingers crossed for Me 😂

Ok so yesterday Mistress Lorraine came and spent the best part of the day with Me, and in My beloved Practice, it was great to spend time with her and work with her, I think she to enjoyed it as she is coming back in the not too distant future, hopefully next time we’ll find time for photo’s as we just ran out of time this time round…..And I think next time in the Dungeon too….wooooowwwhhhhh watch this space. 😂

And just to finish off a pic of good ole Me and My ever popular size 4’s, thanks as always for reading until next time Sara xx