Well let’s start as we mean to go on, what a cracking month….absolutely stonking, lots going on and thus far with only a few days left all of it good, mind you Boris is on tonight, although I’m sure most won’t take a blind bit of notice of him…..

Things in the medical room The Practice are growing from strength to strength and My beautiful assistant Nurse Jolene is proving so popular I am currently considering a 2nd Nurse to cover when Nurse Jolene can’t make it, watch this space, she is another stunning Lady 🥰

GenerationF will launch the end of the month beginning of next, as they say in the engineering world everything must be proven and I am waiting on one last thing, from the amount of calls and emails I have received it is clear word is out there is a new system coming soon……as frustrating as it is (for me) it is without doubt the best policy to put forward your best efforts, as always I am waiting on others but I will moan no more watch this space….

So those that know me in real life know this is not just a paid profession for Me I live it as a lifestyle, as both a Dominant and a Cuckoldress, Myself and My long suffering #1 who i affectionately call Stubbz celebrate a monumental day next month (November) and in an early start to celebrations I have had him inked, it’s in a very public place (see the picture) so will serve as a celebration of our chosen lifestyle, a sign of his belonging to Me and also no doubt some humiliating questions on occasion in the vanilla world. Perfect!

Continuing on from above a new device is currently going through the break in period before it becomes permanent on our celebration day, all that remains is for me to choose where to book a suite to share with My lover on this most important of nights 😁 I can’t wait 🤩🤩

So in other news a little while back now a lovely relationship went a little sour, no big fall out, no dirty tricks a chunk of ** Poor Communication** on My part and a little **You could of picked the phone up and asked ** from the other side, it was a relationship I really valued, loved and enjoyed, so with the good old British tradition of a nice cup of tea, we recently made inroads and I’m excited to say on the 29th I will be spending the night in the beautiful annex above and making the start on a full repair….I am to say the least very excited.

So My filming day with The English Mansion rolled around, shockingly I was very nervous but all went well, and I filmed Medical so My fav place to be, I keep hearing that I am against filming and that (I don’t know where the rumour started) is just not true. I did a lot of filming, in fact i have a hard drive with about 300 hours of Me in films on it with various other Mistresses, basically after a really great success with My own V.O.D. site with the coming of A.T.V.O.D I closed it down as did a lot of others and when A.T.V.O.D died a death I was and am in that lucky position where I had a very big bank of regulars and chose not to do it any more. Thats worked out well for Me, for a lot of My friends in the industry filming gives them great pleasure and a great secondary income, just a case of each to their own, so pass that on if you hear ever I don’t like/approve of or am against filming…🙄

Any way moving on, I really cannot let the opportunity to heap praise upon The English Mansion pass by, what a super professional, super slick well oiled machine it is, everyone relaxed, the camera almost forgotten, the schedule for the day you could almost of set your clock to it, their reputation of being the best of the best in the world of FemDom films, after now working with them, is well and truly deserved. An awesome team.

The crowning glory of the day was that My very good friend MISS VIVIENNE L’AMOUR came to film so all in all TopBanana🍌

And to finish off a random shot of My feet, I get complaints about My blog if I don’t put in at least one foot shot….quite flattering and rather amusing, so look out in the next week or so for another blog it’s mostly written and is all about the launch of GenerationF, once again thanks for reading and till next time, take care

Sara xxx