Well October came and it went, a slow start a very busy middle, the 4th quarter slow but at the death busy so overall not my best month but not bad at all when you consider what is happening in the world, November, well what an absolute storming start and massive bookings, but Boris put his two pence in and low and behold it all fell out of bed as the saying goes, the good news though folks seem confident he will keep his word and come out on the 2nd of December, I’m guessing this because folks are not cancelling but rather rescheduling for December….I’d strongly suggest if you are looking to visit in December that you book soon it really is filling up,

So with no customers what’s a girl to do? go shopping of course….and why not? a nice new set of sounds which I love, as I’m sure those that know me will imagine I have about 10 sets, not to mention the medical bucket full of individual ones, Pratt, Heger, rosebud, Rodz, vibrating you name it I probably have it in spades, so can do the very beginner right through to the most experienced of sounding guys, look at the photo below to see so serious big boys toys…..I love it…

The ones above a recent gift from a very good friend, I have also bought a vibrating cock-Jock it goes with a whole range I have bought recently of vibrating and inflating silicone toys, I do love a little vibration and love, love, love silicone so easily cleaned which is very much a bonus…

Just as I am always so busy and so in turn so forgetful I am making an effort this time round to point out who I am available with, I am often asked to do doubles and it goes without saying that if you are prepared to pay me to travel to Scotland to do a one hour session with MistressSo&So then I’d consider it, NOT, nor is it realistic to get MistressSuch&Such to travel to me for a one hour session, so with that in mind the Ladies I can easily double with are the above stunningly beautiful LadyAllegraWilde, book us either through her website or Mine….

The equally gorgeous and talented MissTiffanyNaylor a very good friend of many years standing….again book through My website or hers, and there is more…..

For those that would like to be restrained and see Me put My sub girl through her paces, you can for a very reasonable fee book Me with SubJolene, isn’t she beautiful, I love a little girl on girl play whenever the opportunity arises….Book through My website….

And lastly but by no means least I had along with My RL good friend Julia Taylor planned some doubles in both My Dungeon and My Medical room, along came this rotten virus and put the Kibosh on all of those plans, however things in the news do appear to be looking up, although what to believe and not to believe bahhhh lets just not go there, so probably now it will be into next year and not something you can just book, we live a couple of hours apart so to travel for one 1 hour session is pretty unrealistic either way, Herself to Me or Myself to Her, however we have been known to spend a day together here and there so look out for announcements as to when the good Lady will be with Me here or Me with Herself in her awesome studio in the midlands where She reigns supreme Queen…. missjuliataylor.com

So I won’t be going into raptures and giving away intimate detail, I know, sorry to disappoint, but I will tell you this the 26th of this month (November) #1 and I celebrated 10 years of 24/7-365 chastity, he was chaste long before that for various lengths of time using various devices but on that day in celebration of something that will remain between us we decided to make it lifestyle, add into the equation that he has been cuckold a good 26/27 years of our relationship and I’m sure you’ll agree what an incredibly lucky boi he is. To make a day of it we ordered 2 new belts, both for 24/7 wear a behind Barz one pictured below, this is, or I thought it was, the current RollsRoyce of full belts and we also bought the one #1 is pictured in above about to be squished by My sexy foot 😀a version of the FancySteel belt, this one has a cage that encases all his meat and veg much to My amusement😂🤣😂 He has resized it and replaced the silicone with a good quality one and it is shockingly good, so good in fact that the Behind Barz one is back in it’s box and we may or may not get round to it at some point in the future…

So just to clarify, the pic of the BB belt is not #1 just a random internet shot and also I am in no way saying anything bad about the belt, everyone is a different shape and size and some belts suit some better than others, other than popping the belt on for a few hours and coming to the conclusion that it does the job very well, but will need some bending and tweaking to break it in we haven’t spent any time with it as just per chance the FancySteel style is sooooo comfortable….it is so comfortable that there are many a style of cage that go with the belt itself and we have already ordered 3 more all a little different so we can have some fun with it, or rather I can….

Ok thats about Me for another month, I achieved a lot in the month with still a week to go, we are all now on a Boris promise for the 2nd of December, let’s see if he keeps it…I’m still in the confused dot com bracket, the virus can kill but it’s ok we can have a break from it for Christmas….I continue to mist everything every day, wash my hands a huge amount and wear a mask in public because I feel it is respectful to others and better safe than sorry but in all honesty I have no idea what’s going on, very funny though reading the Know-it-alls on Twitter and FaceBook, shocking how many of them forget (whatever their opinion) that they do not have a prefix to their name like Dr. or Professor and they also don’t have a gazillion letters after their name depicting a multitude of qualifications….not that it stops them spouting off their truth is the one truth, I often wonder what happened to the good old days when it used to be “DominaSara I couldn’t disagree with more but I will stand back to back with you to defend your right to have your own opinion” I think I’m getting old and grouchy hahaha…..Thanks for reading, take care out there and stay well xxxx