So welcome to 2021 everyone…..a pretty shit start I know, but I am at long last seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, they tell us Feb but I’m not buying that, more March/April I think till there is enough vaccine about and our freedoms are returned even if not fully……I refuse to be down in the dumps about it thats for sure, I’m still here, still in a good place and actually I’m very grateful to be so, I see many of my peers gone and many more who have had to let their premises go, I’m sure there will be more, it is not the best thats for sure, but better it will get of that I am also sure. Anyway a nice double Dr.Martin ball busting session pre lockdown so thought you might like to see a picture to start My 2021 blog off ❤️ Happier Day’s…

So what have I been up to in all this Lockdown and severe Tier time, well staying on top of things obviously, getting all My ducks in line ready for when we are all allowed out to play again, the ever improving and ever evolving ethic has always worked well for Me and I have seen no reason to change it or even vary a little from it even in the worst of this rotten pandemic….So little by little I have got rid of all the equipment from the Dungeon and replaced it with the very best, I’m really proud of it and it’s quality, I do have to say I’m quite sorry that due to the open, shut, open shut forced upon us that a few more have not seen it…..although it is really nice to know that business is still there, so many of you have stayed in touch to check in and let Me know you are still there still wanting to visit, just unable, it really really is appreciated, thank you all…And the good news I am not finished yet 😇

The two pieces above should be here and in place by the end of Lockdown and that would be the best case scenario end of Lockdown, Feb the 15th, they are in production as I type, Enfettered, Of Course, why wouldn’t I, a beautiful face sitting chair, well thought out and fully functional unlike a lot on the market, and of course the now well established torture chair, these are just pictures from the site Mine will be in Stainless Steel, so exciting, I wonder who will be first to try, There is one further piece but I will keep that under wraps as it is a real show stopping centre piece and will not be ready soon, and when it is will demand a blog of it’s own, there you go enough to wet your whistle as they say………………………………………..My #1 sometimes tells Me I’m kit mad but if honest I see it more as an obligation and some, if you like, self preservation…..obligation as in clients pay a lot of money to come and visit and shouldn’t be coming month on month year on year and not seeing any improvement and self preservation for the same reasons really, My clients often ask “Is there anything new Ma’am” and yes that expectation is in part due to the fact that I am always upgrading and improving but I do believe it plays a part in their loyalty and their continued return, being a bit of a dinosaur in the fetish industry I have seen many come and many go and the ones who stay, survive and in turn prosper are the ones who invest time, thought, care and attention to detail to their businesses….just My observations of course!

So what else is new, My beautiful Sadistic Sister has a new web site, Look Here, all singing all dancing and I have to say very befitting of her, this last couple of years the Lady has really taken the Milton Keynes area by storm and is always super busy, I can only imagine with the new site things will just continue to get busier and busier for her, we are as you will know together often in the The Practice Rooms doing high end medical together we can also be booked for doubles in the Dungeon, she now also has a stunning female sub who she sessions with, maybe thats a sight you’d like to see as a post lockdown treat 😂😂😂 I’ll get off the promotion now she already complains she is too busy at times without Me chiming in…

My feet have all My life got Me a lot of attention, even before I discovered My inner self and My Domina persona, size shape, scent, all of those things I really don’t know, what I do know is if I blog without foot pictures I get complaints 😳So the first three just random shots #1 has taken of My pretty UK size 4’s the bottom pic is Myself My sadistic Sister Lady Allegra Wilde and the beautiful Lady Natasha trampling My House Boy HB the lucky lucky soul….. with all this open, shut Milarky I don’t remember when it was, a between lockdown footfest for him😀

I was very fortunate, it wasn’t too long before all this nonsense started that I decided I would no longer be fighting the grey, and with all thats happened what a good choice that was, no hairdressers open I can only imagine the mess I’d of got in trying to dye my own, these pictures are all relatively recent I don’t know exactly when but certainly no longer than 6 months old, the one on the right just before January lockdown, I think the old grey badger is looking ok Myself, and it seems popular 😂 but then the folks paying compliments could just be being polite, I like it anyway…..

Chastity, Anniversary’s etc

So many things we have been unable to celebrate not being allowed out, The 26th of November saw the 10th anniversary of #1 being 27/7/365 chaste to Me, under normal circumstance I’d of certainly left him home whilst I went off with a lover for the evening, I love to cuckold him not to mention I love spending a night ensconced with My Lover MrB, of course that was right in the middle of November Lockdown, along came Christmas, we normally go away for Christmas and through to the New Year, business is slow and after working hard all year round it’s nice to get off the roundabout, along came Tier 4 so that was the end of that, next was #1’s Birthday on the 29th of December, again I usually give him a good kicking and stomping then go out for the evening and cuckold him, Yup you guessed it Tier 4, New Year, we are usually away and spend the evening alone with some nice food a bottle of something and a walk on the beach with the dog, Tier 4 again, On to January the 15th our anniversary, the best part of three decades now and an absolute must to cuckold the boi of course, why would a girl not spend her anniversary with a passionate lover leaving her chaste and frustrated #1 at home, Lockdown, and the crowning glory My birthday, February the 14th and the first review of Lockdown is….wait for it…..February the 15th….hey-ho there you go…..I am keeping everything crossed we can all get back to whatever the new normal will be sometime soon, as #1 says “We are in the final quarter Ma’am”

So My last Serious Kit Milker for sale, I used to have 4 of them on the go, 3 in the Medical room or as they are known The Practice Rooms and one in the Dungeon, this is the one from the Dungeon the last one…..Serious Kit have changed their style now so this is an opportunity to buy one of the original Surge Milkers, you used to be able to pick the actual tins up on eBay reasonably cheaply and adapt them, but they have now become more and more rare….I did consider keeping it just because they are hard to get but as I have already replaced it it is and has been just a dust collector for many months now…….I will advertise it on twitter along with various pumps (having a good clear out here) if you see this before I get around to advertising it on Twitter then just drop Me a line either on Twitter or on My email which you can get off My sites….Or a text or call, again you can get My number off either of My sites….The Pumps for sale are 20ltr, 40ltr and 60ltr again I am only selling them because I have replaced them…

Sadistic Sisters

Thats it for this time, thanks for reading, thanks to the many who have stayed in touch and let Me know your still out there, it’s not the best of times but try to make the most of it, stay safe and well and I really am looking forwards to seeing you all very soon Sara xx