So January came and went, I spent the time redoing My medical rooms, The Practice Rooms, new ceiling in the there, a lick of paint and many many new toys added all prepped and ready to reopen, whilst I am not unrealistic and get it, better to wast a little time now than rush and have yet another lockdown I am all the same chomping at the bit to get going again in both My medical rooms and My original and very dear to My heart Fallen Angel Studios! I think I wrote last month or maybe it was the month before I have three new pieces ready to go in there, one is major the other two a torture chair and a beautiful face sitting box, all 3 of course Enfettered…….Again the Studio has been scrubbed to within an inch of it’s life and in the coming weeks it will get it’s annual touch up of the paintwork, new kit arriving any day now πŸ‘

Orange I think, keep the grey Walls but huge swathes of Orange, I think I have an orange fetish if truth be told πŸ˜‡, but it will lift the spirit in there I think and spirits do need lifting wherever they can be after such a long and difficult time by my reckoning πŸ˜†

In the hope that I do not sound too much like a stuck record and as I am sat at My PC typing away I would really like to say thank you so much to all My guys who have stayed in touch, I can’t begin to tell you how much of a comfort it has been, I think there have been dark times for all of us this past year be they mental, financial or physical and knowing that you are all ok, that you are missing your sessions and would come back right now if you could has assured Me I will still have a business and so fueled My drive to get ready for the other side of Covid, A dear friend who suffered a little bit of a downer explained it to Me in such simple terms **I woke up one morning and forgot to be grateful for the wonderful life I lead** She is so so right and I shall be buying her lunch next we are allowed to meet for that wonderful life lesson, I do love My life and thank you all for taking your part to enable thatπŸ˜„

It has been a strange year, I’m sure there is nobody out there that would disagree about that, a long year too, time for reflection, time to get that normally never gets done ToDo list done, all of that of course, and shocking how much of life it does affect, whilst not shouting it from the roof tops I have never made any secret of being a life long Cuckoldress, My long suffering #1 and I have been together the best part of 3 decades and for 95% of that time I have always been unfaithful, cuckolded him call it what you will, he has been 24/7-365 chaste to Me since the 26th of November 2010, every relationship I ever had has been My way of the motorway, as you can see above continuing with chastity has been doable, being orally worshipped to multiple orgasm of course but I am very much missing the feel of a real man and full sex, with this rotten virus that is just not available at this time ☹️….I really do miss it! So for those that read and moan they want to hear more personal things about Me….there you go…

And to finish on a light note another random shot of My foot in the bath, it does make Me chuckle but if ever I blog without feet pictures I get complaints, so there you go my left foot fresh and clean, ready for a nice foot rub, thanks for reading and fingers crossed only a little longer till we can all see each other once more….Sara xxx