So it is as the title says already marching on in time, there does seem to be a buzz in the air, a general feeling of hope that at long last we may just get the bulk of our freedom back in June, I’m pretty sure this will go on a good couple or three more years yet till the world catches up, but lockdown, I sincerely hope thats it done for forever, I have taken this virus seriously from day one, washed My hands till they near bleed, given people respect with distance and worn the rotten face mask when out in the supermarket but enough is enough and whilst I fully admit I am not a scientist it seems very much to Me that lots of these measures we have taken just do not work and cause some side issues that are just as serious if not more serious than the virus itself…..anyway I am hopeful…and off for My jab shortly tooπŸ˜„

Anyway enough doom and gloom and opinion, you know what they say about opinions don’t you, “Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has got one and most of them stink” It’s not untrue in My experience…So The Dungeon has seen a little face lift as it does every year, there was good argument to just give it a super deep clean and leave it there as it hasn’t seen any use worth mentioning comparable to a normal year, but hey we plan on being here long into the future so why break with tradition and standards I thought….

Lots and lots of new toys to play with, I haven’t spent the last year just twiddling My thumbs dontchaknow! The Slub seems to be the latest thing, and especially good for those that love a firm hand or like it a little rough, (I like it a little rough MyselfπŸ˜‡) Anyway yet another alternative amongst all the other end of session gadgetry, who wants to try it?

It’s funny really I see adverts everywhere for pegging, I’m really not sure where that word came from, it used to just be good old anal, anyway the word seems to of stuck so adverts for pegging, fisting etc, on Twitter, FB, Fetlife, I’ve never advertised for it but have more than My share of anal enthusiasts, over the years I have built a quite large collection of anal toys and during the last year have added 30 more, yes 30 I didn’t miss type that, I have 54 at the last count in all shapes and sizes, small to ridiculous, anyway as well as many new butt stuff toys I bought this wicked handle so as the song goes, “Can you feel the force” the ladies look great with a harness and a huge huge dong but in reality they don’t work and now I have the solution so again, who’s first…. πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜‚

So as I type it is Monday the 15th of March and Friday is D day the 19th a brand new smother box is arriving, a little like the one above but with improvements the internal head board moves up and down on a handle whilst Mistress is seated, so right up for the love of her life and just enough to be just not quite near enough for anyone else 😊, I’ve also had Mine done in stainless steel, to say I am excited is the under statement of the year….I’ll post pictures in My next blog

Also arriving the same day is the interrogation chair, and again it has been pimped, some wonderful finger locks, a head cage and also Mine is in stainless steel, pictures to follow, if you can’t wait till I blog next have a look on My Twitter account I’m sure I’ll post it there, after all a large part of new toys is to show them off and invite folks to come and use them…..πŸ‘€. keep those eyes peeled πŸ˜€

So if all goes to planned I’ll see you in real time April the 12th and beyond, thanks for reading Sara πŸ’‹