So, 2 more days and the month of March is over, then we start the countdown to the reopening of life, fingers crossed, whilst I am aware of the absolute vile nonsense going on with our so called friends the EU, 😷 and the state of their current infections being only a few miles from our coast I still feel confident. We must be able to combat that being an Island……….

I am all vaccinated, well first one, and very pleased to say zero ill effects, I admit I was a little worried, if there is so much as a sniffle going round I am usually one to catch it…….I must take My hat off to the whole process, I am very much NOT a Conservative, anyone who knows Me will tell you that, however congratulations to Boris, to the NHS and to the numerous NHS Volunteers, what an absolute super slick operation it all was, in one door out of the other, all the info you could wish for delivered in super polite fashion, there is much to dislike about the Conservatives but this they have right and it is a real credit to them. Now note to self I really must stop with all this political comment, you’ll all stop reading My blog in a minute I’m getting on My own nerves hereπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

So after all that political serious nonsense a random foot picture to lighten the load and keep all my UK size 4 feet fans happy, I really do get emails if I fail to publish at least one foot picture per blog, shocking I think πŸ™„

Ok so lets move on to kit 😻I hear some say it’s not a competition or all about kit, what a crock of shit, of course it is, it is a business and business is all about competition and striving to be the best, the more kit you have the more you have to play on, the more skill sets you achieve, the more you satisfy your customers the more they return, yada yada yada, it’s what I believe and it has worked for Me for many a year now, so staying with kit lets be brutally honesty, no matter what company logo is on the kit there is no such thing as one size fits all the very best you can achieve is one size fits the vast majority and up above and now in My Dungeon is the Enfettered Smother Box, The Bentley of smother boxes as their genius engineer GeniusJezz describes itπŸ‘ I am sure somewhere there is an odd shaped person who this doesn’t suit however I have tested it on a 6 foot 3 giant with a 60 inch chest and a 5 foot eight standard guy and a couple in between and it really is superb and comfy for all, once the head is in and locked in place by the comfy head pads the Master or Mistress sits astride and with a little turn of the perfectly positioned handle the head rises to the most appropriate height, high as it goes to smother not quite as high for Mistress/Masters pleasure and as if it had been made especially sit the other way around and the perfect position for a little analingus, what is there not to likeπŸ˜‡

And staying on Kit, also Stainless Steel, also by Enfettered and their engineer GeniusJezz a beautiful torture Chair and also in My dungeon πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Laughing out loud, No, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, Oh Yes, Hand clamps a little different, yes they are they are electric, I did say it was a torture Chair didn’t I πŸ˜€ I am so counting the days till I can try it out, #1 as I’m sure you can imagine has yet again had to endure being the test bunny, poor thingπŸ˜€ There is an extra to add too but I’ll post another photo beneath to show you that, this really is not only beautifully crafted by a top fetish engineer it is also super functional and gagging to be used, book soon the phones are ringing a little more each day as we approach the next phase of lock down release…..

And there is of course a head clamp and yes the neck ring fits on it to for the ultimate restraint πŸ₯° I love love love it and hope you can imagine Me grinning like a Cheshire Cat…A real credit to the GeniusJezz at Enfettered and the team for the design….a really awesome bit of kit……as with all the Enfettered Kit you can of course have the metal powder coated in a massive selection of colours, select vinyl or leather again in as many colours as you can shake a hairy stick at the ones pictured above are Stainless Steel and Orange Vinyl My current love πŸ˜€

So I must be sounding like a stuck record, I am very excited to be getting back to work, excited as I have very much missed My play, missed My boy’s, I actually hadn’t realised just how much I would miss it but then who expected to be out of action a year plus , I am also very excited to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel with this rotten virus we have all endured and suffered, and as if that was not excited enough I am excited and very very grateful to still have a business, I wish I had words to express how I feel this past few weeks as the phone has started ringing and the emails dropping in the inbox again, I am sure we have all suffered be it financially or mentally or health wise or all three, we all I am sure have had our dark moments and to go from a thriving super busy business one day, Boris on the TV and the next few weeks silence was a shock and a reminder and many other things all rolled into one, never again will I take anything for granted and thats got to be a good thing right? So no lies, April is looking promising, May is already looking quite good and I can see My business coming back, thank you each and everyone of you that has stayed in touch, now please book soon, not because I am feeling greedy but just because the diary is filling with each passing day and I really don’t want to disappoint anyone, thats Me done, some feet to finish with maybe….see you all very very soon and once again My sincere thanks…..