So as I type it is Saturday the 10th of April, 2 days to open, so as I would hope you’d expect I am here rearranging things, steam cleaning everything in site ready for Monday when I have absolutely zilch appointments πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ However don’t feel too sorry for Me I have something booked in near every day the rest of the month and May is already looking good, lot’s of private hire booked in also so nice to have everything looking so positive for a change.I also have two further new bits of kit added to the dungeon,I’ll post pics below, to be brutally honest I just have not had time to photograph them…..

My new smother box all shiny new, stainless steel, it is so beautiful so looking forward to giving it a test run, well a test run with someone 🀩 I already gave it a test run with #1 bless him, lets say it works πŸ₯°

So talking about the shops opening, hairdresser etc, in a determined effort not to get into politics, I am so pleased as there are many other aspects of life that go on hold with LockDown, like I might mention My sex life and as #1’s sex life is My sex life his sex life also 😁 I am so looking forwards to a nice night out in a well presented Air B&B with My lover, lots of intimacy and good hard sex, a nice meal, falling asleep in each others arms, being woken with a large erection ready to satisfy Me, a girl has dreams and this I have been dreaming of, the sooner the better…. (Quick Edit) been there done that it was f**k*ng awesome, loved itπŸ₯° Next night already booked😍

And here we are it’s the 17th today, we were allowed back out to play on the 12th, what a five days it has been so far, I am exhausted if honest, so lovely to see everybody and looking forwards to seeing those that have booked but their day has not come round as yet…..a fantastic studio with lots and lots of new kit to play on, why, although tired, would I not be happy and skipping πŸ₯°

A little piccy from one of this weeks sessions, I still love to play and very much still have that sadistic streak to Me, one of My long standing regulars getting his bits trampled and tortured, he is always a pleasure to play with as he is hung, I am sure you have gathered over the years I do like My men hung πŸ€­πŸ€—

So above another new piece, The Justice Chair, Enfettered of course, the hands are very clever, not only do they lock in the fingers but they can be attached to an Erostek or an Electrostim for even more fun the internal arms are sleeved so you don’t get shocks in all the wrong places……The do come with a more conventional hand shaped restraint but I had these made bespoke for Me.It is an awesome bit of kit and most that have visited have made a beeline straight to it as you’d expect πŸ˜€

So as I sit and type it is the 2nd of May, a Sunday and we are at work, we also have appointments booked in tomorrow, Bank Holiday Monday, I would say no rest for the wicked, however it is well established that I am beyond wicked and actually after the last 13 months I am so glad to see some serious cash flow I am just feeling grateful rather than miffed that I didn’t get a bank holiday…..I may be sounding somewhat like a stuck record but I am so grateful to still have a business and a very good one at that, I can’t stop saying thank you, at least it is a sincere thank you πŸ˜ƒ

And just to finish off the what has become traditional random foot shot, #1 took these just before I left to spend the night with My lover, nice of Me to leave him some pictures to look at whilst I was out, well I thought so anyway…..Thats Me for another blog, thanks for reading take care Sara xx