Well, so long since I blogged in this site let’s hope I haven’t forgotten how…, part of what the blog is about in a lot of ways...I have never made it any secret that as well as trading away as good ole DominaSara the last 22/23 years for the past 9 or 10 years I have also plied My trade as MedicalMistress A.K.A Dr.Sara I love both roles but the medical side for Me is so much busier than the standard Mistress role, and in a lot of ways thats due to the fact that once you get to the stage in your career where you specialise obviously your client base changes and so the way they book changes, well for Me thats true, My medical clients book further in advance than My dungeon clients, they also book longer sessions, I struggle to remember the last time I did an hour, I am more often than not doing 3 and 4 hour sessions the end result to that is that whilst I could from the email, calls and messages I receive still fill the Dungeon I am already booked in the medical suite, physics being what it is I can’t be in two places at once….blimey I’d be wealthy if I could….

So when I moved over to medical as a speciality it did initially leave a huge empty space in the dungeon, I hadn’t realised I was doing so much medical based activity and breath play in My dungeon, they all moved across with Me 😮…Lucky for Me I have #1, not really luck I have trained him Myself to My very own exacting standards, so he is quite perfect for Me, anyway a new business was born, click the banner above, #1 operates this for Me and it is reasonably busy with a great private hire bunch and it is also used by a few professionals, photo shoots, filming days that kind of thing…it pays it’s way and makes a profit so being so busy thats as far as we ever got with it, not a bad place but it could be better….and so🤣😂🤣……

So finally getting to the point……I have been a lifestyle Mistress some 30 years and have conducted a very successful 24/7-365 female led relationship for that whole time, with absolutely zero shame I am also a very active Cuckoldress and my #1 has suffered that for me some 27/28 years, he has been 24/7-365 chaste since November 2010, now add into all that a couple of decades plus as a full time Professional Dominatrix and the point I am trying to get across is that I am a veritable font of knowledge regards both the psychology of the FemDom lifestyle but also the physical, CP, BB, NT, Trampling, Chastity, cuckolding, breath play, single tails suspension, bondage, needles, encasement, sensory Dep and on and on and on, I am actually contacted often with folks looking for Me to mentor them either altogether or from already established Domme’s looking for Me to mentor them in a specific practice….

So as the banner says to finish off…..You will see if you check out My site I have added a banner to the front page titled Mistress Consultant, if you are looking to learn then click on it and it will lead you off to pages,

Learning to become a Professional Mistress

Mistress Mentoring

Bossing it like a Pro in Private

The psychology and physicality of Cuckolding

There are already Mistress/Dominatrix schools out there and I am in no way going to attempt to compete with them, however if you are near to Me and want to learn I am more than happy to teach individuals, couples and small groups for a similar fee to My ProDom rate I have an awesome Dungeon, several owned slaves to provide tea, coffee and snacks and you can learn from a real time life long practitioner, I’ll look forwards to meeting a few of you one day….thanks for reading Sara 💋