So those that visit will already have seen that I have given My site a little face lift to reflect more what I currently do.I still do sessions in My beautiful Dungeon Fallen Angel Studio not only with My large bunch of regulars but also the occasional new one too, It is not that I no longer wish to be there, far from it there are days and moments when I miss it, however as you are all aware I changed direction some 9 maybe 10 years back when I opened My medical Suite The Practice, it is My love and My passion and it has changed so many things, I am now booked much further in advance than ever I was in the Dungeon, I rarely if ever get time wasters and I mostly now do much longer sessions, usually 3 to 5 hours. This leaves very little time to be in the Dungeon at the common times so I tend to turn down more appointments than I take which is a shame.

When I first opened My medical Suite I pretty much emptied My dungeon as most clients followed Me over and so I did a very quick website and started to hire it out as I really didn’t want to lose it, that has proved very successful and as a bonus allows Me some time in there Myself, what it also did was attract some Professionals who were looking for a place to session from and to build a business from, some travelling Dom’s and a wide range of private players who wanted an escape from real life for a few hours. That all sounds very good and in the main it is, private players I really just need to give them a run round the equipment and they are off and running, travelling Dom’s the same they already very much know what they are doing, the Dom’s looking to build a business are or at least thus far have all been new and all without fail have asked for some mentoring, My answer to them is and always has been the same **NO** but I always then add however if I am about and you need a little help I am more than happy to do that….

I have never been afraid of competition and I have also never had a problem sharing My vast knowledge, I often get messages and calls from other professionals asking if I do mentoring, breath play usually, what I am very afraid of is trying to live on fresh air, I can’t imagine it to be very tasty 😂🤣😂🤣, just injecting a little humour to get across the point that often I can by the end of a week have spent 5 or 6 hours teaching and for no money, hey I’m sure if I asked most reading this if they’d like to work 5 or 6 hours a week for no money what kind of answers I might get!

So I thought I’d put a stop to that working for no money and start offering Mentoring as a service, this is after all a business and I’ve never known a business succeed by giving things away so I tentatively did a blog some 6 maybe 8 weeks back just to test the water and it has proved reasonably popular, I posted it to Twitter and to FetLife and ended up with quite a few hours which when I did them I thoroughly enjoyed. The takers were all private players looking to learn skills to enhance their play with their life partners and so they were quite happy to fit in to what I would call non common hours ie:- early evenings and the like, all the hours in the day that do not interfere with sessions.Win-Win you might say!

So if you have got this far great, thanks for reading, it is with what’s written above in mind that I have now tweaked My website to advertise this service, I have no plans to take over the market there are several out there offering similar service and also a couple of Mistress schools, I think I can slot in though and I also think after 30 years in the scene and 22/23 years as a professional I have much to offer, all else will remain the same, I will predominantly be in the Medical Suite, I will continue to see My Dungeon regulars and the occasional newbie and in what I call **Non Common** hours I would love to teach and pass on My huge knowledge, help people play safely and give potential professionals the skills to build successful businesses….