❤️About Me


I have been a lifestyle Domme for 30 years and a Cuckoldress some 27 maybe 28 years, for all that 30 years I have successfully managed and run a Female led relationship with My #1 I constantly cuckold him and he is chaste to me in a full steel belt and has been since the 26th of November 2010….living proof a girl really can have her cake and eat it, and what’s more so she should!


I sort of fell into professional life, I was well known along with #1 on the scene, I used to do the “Meet and Greet” at a well known club and house Mistress here and there, it was very different back then and there were nowhere near as many PD’s as there are now, I was invited by many Ladies, many times to Double Domme and eventually decided to give up corporate life along with all it’s stress strain and KPI’s and become a full time Mistress/Dominatrix, an exact date I am unsure of but early 2000’s….

❤️Specialist Mistress

In 2010 I opened My medical room The Practice and My professional life changed forever. I pretty much emptied My Dungeon with most folks following Me and My breath play skills, so Dungeon Hire was born, an independent business. Over the years we have had quite a few Mistresses work from there, some knew their business and stayed a while till they could move on and open their own studios, some had never worked before and wanted mentoring and loaning equipment over and above the very generous equipment already on offer as part of the hire charges. Shocking I know but Mistresses are human some were good, some were bad, very bad and most were indifferent, all wanted mentoring for free.


Over the years I gave much of Myself for no money and without getting bitter and twisted about it I wish in a lot of ways I hadn’t…..if you give things away all you do in effect is to devalue them and knowledge, especially in this industry, it is absolutely essential, we all start off doing a little tie and tease but nature is a cruel Mistress and so that really isn’t something you can build a career on, well not a career that has longevity anyway…..

❤️Where We Are Now

Not being in the Dungeon much as I am always busy with medical I decided to add another string to My bow and offer mentoring as a service, I believe I am more than qualified with near 30 years of knowledge and knowhow.

💋1 Want to become a ProDom and build a successful business, I have a course of classes for that…

💋2 A ProDom already and want to add a few more skills to you business

💋3 Private Players looking to build a female led relationship or even just add to the bedroom fun

💋4 Want to be a Cuckoldress, come and meet Myself and #1, learn the psychology of it, how it works in reality, get the perspective from both sides of the fence…