Becoming a Mistress in Private

Maybe Mistress is too strong a word for some, maybe you just want to be a femme fatale in the bedroom, have you had an itch and need to learn how to scratch it, or have you met someone into it and want to join in with him so as to satisfy him, whatever your reason this will be the course for you…understanding the physcology of it all, learning some basic skill sets, understanding fetishes and power exchange, ritual play and discipline. This course  can be run back to back with the cuckolding course. To chat and arrange either call or email


Tel:- 07856 721782


Call or email in the first instance and we can arrange a consultation, you will come to the Dungeon, be shown around and have a general chat. The consultation is charged for, however when you book a course the course is then discounted by the consultation amount.

Lesson 1: Corporal Punishment

  • Where it all begins for most. You will be introduced to a variety of corporal punishment impliments , including paddals, floggers and various canes and how to use them safely.

Lesson 2: Bondage & Predicament 

  • This lesson aims to help you understand the different types of bondage, stress positions and there affect’s, how to use cuffs both metal and leather, straps and bed restraints all in a safe manner

Lesson 3: NT & CBT

  • Two of the most basic skills but both a real must, NT (nipple torture) light to heavy weights, nipple specific electrics various clamps, all things nipples really! And the same for CBT (cock and ball torture) Weights, rings, parachutes, bondage, pegs, clamps…

Lesson 4: Foot Fetish & Trampling

  • A huge subject, in a recent survey it was found 61% of men had a foot fetrish of some type be it shoes, stocking’s, feet, we’ll help you understand and embrace the power and control a foot fetish can gift youfrom worship, trampling, kicking and much more.

Lesson 5: Anal Play

  • Starting with how to cleanse before play, enemas and douching, finger play, strap on, prostate massage, lubrication etc.

Lesson 6: Humiliation & Feminisation

  • This is another basic but huge part of a lot of play, SPH probably being the most common type, but through to being forced to cross dress and serve, public humiliation, and of course how to give after care, no stone left un turned

Lesson 7: Electrics

  • You will become competent in using the violet wand, hand held electric boxes and remote electrics. from mild to a good jolt are all in the game provided you do so safely and I’ll show you how.

Lesson 8: Sensory Deprivation

  • Through the use of gags, masks, head phones, hoods, white noise, a really powerful tool to take away a sub’s hearing and sight whilst restricting them vocally, it goes without saying I’ll teach you to do it all in the utmost safety

Lesson 9: Cuckolding

  • Having been in a relationship some 30 years and had relationships outside that relationship for approximately 28 of those years I feel it safe to say I have a large expertease in how to have your cake and eat it, often it sounds too good to be true a man dedicated to all your wants and needs who prioritises all your wishes above his own whilst you are free to do as you please with whoever you please, whenever you please. I am living proof it is possible and you will meet My cuckold so you get both perspectives….


    Chastity, Rope Bondage, Relief, Edging, Breath Play, Milking Machines, Suspension, Ball Busting, Single Tail Whips, Encasement, Chastity



    Each lesson, as well as the initial consultation, costs £200 and lasts for approximately 1 hour, although we don’t clock watch. If a full course is completed including the Consultation or paid for in advance you will receive a discount of £200.00. Or if you think of it that way the consultation fee is returned to you.

    Otherwise a £100 deposit will be required when booking to secure each lesson. Payment can be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer.


    I am open Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm

    Saturday & Sunday 11am to 7pm

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