CP Sessions

Delivery of Punishment and Correction on all levels

Corporal Punishment


My first love, and it remains a huge part of what I enjoy in My professional sessions. All impact and percussion play excites me, whether it be a cathartic flogging, the rhythm and depth of the cat’O’nine tails laid across your back or the mystery and intensity of the martinet, lighting all your endorphins of pain, release and pleasure.

A hand spanking over My stocking clad knee, the feel of the nylon to your groin, My hand pinning the back of your neck, My leg curled over yours ensuring you can not move as I blush your butt with a good hard relentless spanking.

I am expert with a single tail whip and can take this to an extreme or a tease with the end of My whip.

The swish of the cane, cutting through the air around you before being placed against the skin of your butt, awaiting the draw back of My arm and the first kiss of the rod. I have a full selection of canes, not only Dragon, but Manu, Tahiti, Wangi and Mojave. Don’t forget I am a Sadist and can deliver this from a light reminder, to correction to full judicial level.



Take a Look

Bondage is completely absorbing, a power play of ropes, chains, straps and buckles to overpower, immobilise and send you to that wonderful mentally submissive vulnerable place Read more→
My love of CP, Whips and Percussion play is as strong as ever it was, my first love and it is my pure delight to enjoy these type of sessions along with the many varied roleplays that can be combined and intertwined with such Read more→
Medical Play is something I have grown into over many years and explore with a complete immersion and satisfaction into these intense scenes and procedures. On this page you will be given the option to visit My dedicated site Read more→
Foot, Leg and Heel Worship
I adore the utterly feminine feel and look of exquisite heels, fully fashioned seamed stockings caressing my legs, encasing My pretty little size 4 feet, which are always beautifully manicured, a heady mix that you shall breathe in Read more →
Ball Busting & CBT
Such a varied pass time isn’t it! Whether its being crushed, twisted, pinched, pulled, tied, electrified, trampled or beaten, the art of Cock and Ball Torment is wide and varied. mild to severe and a great favourite of mine Read more→
I am well versed in Chastity Play, My pleasure your frustration, tease, denial but ultimately the absolute control over that tiny little member you are so very much attached to. How I enjoy watching it swell, or at least try to in its metal prison of desire and servitude  Read more →
Serious Kit Vacuum Suit and Milker
Serious Kit developed two suits, both of which you can indulge in at The Practice. One is a Vacuum Suit that has one electric outlet, for those of you who enjoy an isolated electric stimulus, but predominately you will be absorbed by the vacuum and suction that the suit delivers, a bondage feel like no other, latex encasement and sensory fulfilment Read more→

Domina Sara

Professional Mistress in Milton Keynes

My Tribute is £160 per hour


Milton Keynes, I am discretely located, with plenty of free parking. London is just 35 minutes from Euston

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07856 721782

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