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We all started out the same way, well most of us anyway, a little tie and tease and a few skill sets that we picked up from a little bedroom play, hey and there is nothing wrong with that I put food on the table for many a year just like that. However time goes marching on and it could be that you keep getting requests for a scene you don’t know how to do, a scene you are a little afraid of maybe, breath play for instance, you want to do it but it’s not something you can teach yourself or you are just wanting to better yourself and offer a wider service to your clients. Whatever the reason I’m sure I can help. As with the other courses |I run I work for My normal tribute but with those already established if we can arrange a small group I will lower the hourly rate a little, My hourly rate is fair as I am sure is yours and you’ll soon earn it back with new strings to your bow. Lessons usually run hourly however there are some things that will need several sessions to teach, If any of this is of interest to you then just call or email and we can go on from there

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Each lesson is charged at My tribute rate of £200 and lasts for approximately 1 hour, although I don’t clock watch, there is an extensive list below and if you don’t see anything on there that suits just ask, I will always be honest if I can’t or don’t want to touch on a subject i will just say….

“No Sorry, no can do”

Mentoring on ..

Chastity, Bondage, Relief, Edging, Breath Play, Milking Machines, Suspension, Ball Busting, Single Tail Whips, Encasement,  Cuckolding, CP, NT, CBT, Foot Fetish, Electrics, Humiliation, Degradation, Saline Infusion, Saline Injections, Bladder Wash, Needles, Staples, many other types of medical play

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