Vacuum Suits & Milkers

Deeply atmospheric, immersive and extensively kitted

The guys at Serious Kit developed two suits, both of which you can indulge in at The Practice, however as those that visit regularly have come to expect, Im not often content with standard and both mine have been pimped, making them not only more functional but also unique to The Practice, in both  you will be absorbed by the vacuum and suction that the suit delivers, a bondage feel like no other, latex encasement and sensory fulfilment, electrics and the bonus of my additions.

These electro vacuum suits both rely on suction and pulsation being delivered, and here we are very unique, our chossen Milkers, and there are four of them are provided by the guys at Generation F, new kids on the block, but right at the front of the queue when it comes to delivering function, reliability, superb quality and attention to detail. These guys have hit the ground running and really are at the top of their game.

Both suits are reliant on a little bit of electric magic and this is supplied by a ten channel Generation F Electro stimulation machine and 4 Erostek power boxes add into the mix.

The depth of play is such that this calls for and has been given a dedicated room.

The suit involves a lot of tubes, pumps, bags and wonderful things – not to mention the need for a large bed to lay you on, so with this in mind and the equipment in the medical suite, this is where you will find this specialist room.

Suit Sessions are £200 ph

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