Domina Sara

Consensual BDSM Professional Practitioner, Mistress in Milton Keynes, an Artist of Domination and Discipline, and a Sadistic Therapist.


The Perfect Mistress .. for you

I love the powerful exchange of the mental and physical boundaries that lie within you, for me to explore. I am a sadist, well spoken, disciplined and focused, articulate and aesthetically charged, with a wicked sense of humour

As an experienced Domina I enjoy seeing novices as well as the more experienced.


I enjoy up close, hands on sessions, intense sensory and physical stimulation. The exquisite journey of watching your very being submit. I consider My studio to be My theatre, one where there is freedom to explore, to submit, to relinquish control, adore the submission, and journey into the exquisite world of Female Domination.

Mistress is available for appointments from My dedicated and extensively equipped fetish studio and medical suite in Milton Keynes.



The Perfect Setting .. for us

Not only one of the UKs premier dungeons, but also currently unique as it is almost in its entirety, kitted with the exquisite fetish furniture of Enfettered.

The Perfect Trio ..maybe

Add alittle zing, add alittle dynamic change, call it what you will. I have the very great pleasure of being able to work alongside these fabulous professionals, please see below …


Submissive Jolene

Petite, and so wonderfully submissive, she is your perfect partner in submission


Sir Dave UK

Master with over ten years experience. Specialising in fantasy, fetish and all aspects of kinky play.


Lady Natasha

The softer sensual side of domination is this lady, tie and tease and a whisper soft voice in your ear

How to Contact Mistress

3 Simple ways

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A Polite message will be answered if you wish to book a session

Call Me

07856 721782

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