Consensual BDSM Professional Practitioner, Mistress in Milton Keynes, an Artist of Domination and Discipline

I am a very experience Domina. I still love to explore new and experienced submissive as well as fetishists. Pushing and testing what lies inside of you, for my pleasure and satisfaction. Delighting in using My beautiful Studio, Fallen Angel, with all its densley equipped arsenal of kit, to light your senses, restrain your being, and drive you into that beautiful place of submission.

Not only one of the UKs premier dungeons, but also currently unique as it is entirely kitted with the exquisite fetish furniture of Enfettered.

Medical Mistress

The Practice is a Private Fetish Medical Treatment Suite and the culmination of my growth, a pinnacle in knowledge in my career as a BDSM Professional Practitioner, an artist of Domination and Discipline, and a Sadistic Therapist… Please meet Dr Sara

Medical Fetish at its very finest, A state of the art Medical Clinic for fetish medical treatments and procedures. The Practice is located in Milton Keynes, easily accessible from the M1 and A5, or by train 35 minutes from Euston Train Station.

Mistress Mentor

I have been a practitioner for many years, and with my own Studio, Medical Suite and the owner of the exquisite, I feel I am well placed to teach.

I am pleased to consider applications for training and mentoring from those who wish to learn about the BDSM lifestyle. Whether this may be for use in your personal life, Female Led relationship or to begin a career in the industry. 


The Exquisite Fetish Outfitters that is Enfettered, a place where all our experience and knowlege has come to be, a place for players designed by players.

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