Consensual BDSM Professional Practitioner, Mistress in Milton Keynes, an Artist of Domination and Discipline, and a Sadistic Therapist.


Whilst I have far from retired and do still take and conduct the more traditional FemDom Domination Disciplines with my wonderful regular clients, held in My beautiful studio, Fallen Angel, and the occasional new one if you intrigue me enough! I unfortunately as often as not, am so busy in The Practice, and am unable to take bookings. Nowadays as often as the phone rings for an appointment it also rings equally from folks looking for help and advice, and with this in mind I am now offering to other professionals individual mentoring on set subjects, a course of mentoring to bedroom players and a course for those looking to become a Professional Mistress. 


Becoming a Mistress and Dominatrix, a Practitioner and an Artist of Domination, whether that be in a professional capacity or in private play… 

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The Perfect Setting to learn and to play

Not only one of the UKs premier dungeons, but also currently unique as it is entirely kitted with the exquisite fetish furniture of Enfettered.

Medical Fetish at its very finest, A state of the art Medical Clinic for fetish medical treatments and procedures. The Practice is located in Milton Keynes, easily accessible from the M1 and A5, or by train 35 minutes from Euston Train Station.

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