I sort of fell into professional life I had been playing in private and clubs for over 10 years, I used to do the “Meet and Greet” at a well known club and house Mistress here and there, it was very different back then and there were nowhere near as many ProDoms as there are now, being reasonably well known on the scene I was invited by several Ladies to join them and Double Dom, in doing so I built myself a confidence for professional play, I enjoyed it and I eventually decided to give up corporate life along with all it’s stress strain and KPI’s and become a full time Mistress/Dominatrix, an exact date I am unsure of but early 2000’s….now some 20 years later I am still here, still loving what I do, still busy and after 3 decades if you include private play that I think is some achievement!

Much has changed over the years, I specialised in Medical play and opened a dedicated Medical Studio called The Practice but I do still very much love to play in My beautiful Dungeon,  Fallen Angel, having one studio is an achievement having two is something I am fiercely proud of! The type of play I am not only competent and experienced in,  is vast and way way too long to list, I play at all levels and enjoy both ends of the spectrum be that a quick hours foot worship which i would say was mild BDSM right through to a blood soaked back from a single tail whipping which is,  let’s be honest quite extreme, I am often busy and booked well in advance but don’t let that put you off, call or email and lets see where the journey goes.

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