For all those that keep asking for feet, they are a UK size 4, year I like them rubbed, yes I like My toes sucked and yes funnily enough I am human they can on occasion smell....Enjoy!

Consulting, Teaching, are you looking to learn….

Consulting, Teaching, are you looking to learn….

Well, so long since I blogged in this site let's hope I haven't forgotten how..., part of what the blog is about in a lot of ways...I have never made it any secret that as well as trading away as good ole DominaSara the last 22/23 years for the past 9 or 10 years I...

Open Again….At Last….

Open Again….At Last….

So as I type it is Saturday the 10th of April, 2 days to open, so as I would hope you'd expect I am here rearranging things, steam cleaning everything in site ready for Monday when I have absolutely zilch appointments 😂🤣😂 However don't feel too sorry for Me I have...

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