Ok so here we go, the return of My infamous blog, I really don’t know if it is infamous or not, what I do know is since I stopped blogging several years back I am inundated with requests for me to start blogging again, so here I am…….

Just to make things clear…..My blog is just that My blog if you disagree with anything I write don’t write and tell Me! I’ll just delete it without reading, these are My opinions shared on My space, I’m not looking to be confrontational or create debate just to write down My thoughts, either enjoy or move along the bus and don’t read…..

A real shit start to the year I had to cut My holiday short so as not to infect My 90 year old mother and over and above that the illness/Lurgy is rotten and the suffering temper testing, My ribs are sore from all the coughing and spluttering and I am cancelling and turning away appointments like you wouldn’t believe, on the up side things can only get better so I’m staying positive of a fashion…….well thats what I thought till I caught a bacterial infection to go along with My virus, at least now I have antibiotics so fingers crossed as I write this, I’ll be back to My good self by the end of the month

So as the banner says **What to Expect** I guess from all the requests that I have had what you’d like in My blog is a return of blogging about what goes on in My life outside of ProDom, My LifeStyle, My opinions etc etc….so I really am very poorly this month so whilst I am making you wait till I feel a little better I thought it only fair to post something…..So whats to come!

LifeStyle How I live My version of 24/7-365

Chastity I have kept Stubbz as I call My #1 fully chaste since the 26th of November 2010 why and how….

Cuckolding I have been with #1 30 years and he has been My cuckold for a good 27 maybe 28 of those years

Ritual daily rituals I use to keep thinks firmly in place

Play/Discipline/Punishment whats the difference and how do I use them as tools to maintain My Queendom.

Mentoring It is fair to say that since I started mentoring I have built a business within a business which is in its own right very successful, I’ve even been flown to America to share My knowledge….we all need skills, tie and tease and a bit of pegging only get you so far.

Fetishes there are lots of them and as well as being something that need to be satisfied you can also very much use them as tools to train your chosen #1

So that will give you some idea of whats to come, there will be much more than that and i’m sure the odd photo or two as I share My life with you all….but for now at least you know if its of interest to you……

I hope you are all finding My face lifted web site a little easier to navigate and informative, that i do appreciate comments on, feel free to write if you see fault anywhere so till I feel better and blog properly I wish you all good health and best wishes Domina xx