Mentoring, where to begin I’m really not sure, I have been mentoring My whole career if truth be told, and for zero money which is not a good thing and something I regret, knowledge is an asset especially in this game and so to give it away just devalues it, knowledge is skill and skill should never be devalued, add in time going by and the way the industry like any other industry is constantly changing, to give anything away now is a definite no….So just to not end the first paragraph on a negative note I started mentoring commercially about two, maybe three years back and it is and has proved very successful, a business within a business if you like. I feel this will become like My standard blog an abstract set of paragraphs full of My thoughts, but then thats no bad thing I have many thoughts but also the experience and knowledge to back that up… on if you wish, if you don’t like it back space out of it…..

It’s A Closed Shop… a large extent it is very true, it is not something you can approach the careers adviser at school about, well not that i’m aware of….so you either have money and pay for mentoring or you find a dungeon with space for a ProDom and manage to get your feet under the table to the extent that you get a little free mentoring thrown in with your dungeon hire fees, this I have been guilty of doing in the past but never again, I’ll teach you anything you like provided you pay My tribute!…. You play privately and then transition over to a Pro life, I mean it’s not that much different other than you play with multiple partners, oh and they all want different things, oh and you have only played with one partner and have very limited skills……oh dear we are back to needing some mentoring, however if and its a huge if you can transition like that then we have all made it by starting out with a little T&T and some as they call in nowadays pegging, lets be honest your a woman you’ll know how to tie and tease and regards pegging or as it used to be called anal, not much of a skill set if truth be told although nowadays reading some profiles you’d think it was not just a skill set but a super skill….anyway again I digress and shake My head at the poor quality that runs through the industry presently, if you can transition over as described then you will at least get some income flow and be able to pay as you go for skill sets to add to and enhance your business.

Time is A Cruel Mistress…..for many reasons the Industry is now really quite large comparable to when I first started out, as the saying goes they come and they go, most don’t last long if truth be told and if truth be told it is because there are few places to go or to hire from which you can conduct your business, add in if you are in a big city like say London, then the places are busy so whilst you may be attracting lots of business if you have no dungeon to work from then you might as well not have the work….just to be jovial for a minute and truthful, if you are in London and have your own play space or your feet under a table where there is a nice play space then you’ll earn a lot of money. Finding somewhere to work from is always going to be a major hurdle, I will come back to it later, for now we’ll say that you have a spot that favours you and you are getting a few clients then as the paragraph starts, Time is A Cruel Mistress, so you’re a good looking young girl and you are tie and teasing the life out of it all, lots of pegging and your blessed with pretty feet so you are chucking in a bit of foot worship, you don’t realise that if you haven’t invested in your business by taking the time to get some skill sets before you know it someone younger also pretty is up behind you and you are no longer flavour of the month…..They come they go, hey if you hate this blog from start to finish at least take away this next sentence or two it is the painful truth….It is sink or swim out there, those that invest time, invest money and treat it like a business that needs to get established like any other business will be the swimmers, those stashing every penny earned whilst waiting to get things they actually need off of wish lists or gifted by clients, those that have little skill sets, those are the sinkers!

Putting Your Name Out There…..In some respects there is a risk to mentoring, having been in the scene some 30 odd years a large part as a Pro, the whole time as a player in real life I have built a reputation and would not like to see it destroyed. I am however down to earth enough to know some of that reputation is just some vocal folks opinions, I have thankfully never belonged to the **I love me, who do you love** brigade and so take most things in life with a pinch of salt including My rep….again I digress….. I really need to learn not to do that, anyway the danger of mentoring is you can’t control what folks say or more to the point what they post on web sites and the various social media platforms….I have seen on a PD web site, been a PD 10 years and recently honed My skill sets with Mentoring by Domina Sara…..not a lie as such, more a stretch of the truth, the lady had booked one hour to learn how to do a catheter but the inference was I had taught her much over many visits……this usually makes Me smirk more than anger Me, I don’t call or email and contest the writing but if asked directly I do tell the truth which can be quite damaging and believe Me I do get asked….The one I really dislike is little video’s that there are snippets of on Twitter and the like, advertising clips on OnlyFans etc, the reason……I always, without fail, when I teach spend time on hygiene and safety so seeing people working in shit unhygienic conditions or not putting into place safety measures really makes Me angry, don’t get Me started on Whips and safety, look at the whip marks, look at the wrap arounds, where that wrap round is in relation to vulnerable parts of the body, I shouldn’t get so angry these are **desperate to be somebody** people and in a lot of ways these people are actually showing the world with their own photo’s that they are in fact dangerous players. I do worry though for those who don’t know better and those silly ones who will say **Yes Mistress** to anything

No not the Nurse! Kit of course! and safety….When starting out knowing your kit is vital and is a great place to start mentoring from, not sure what I mean, surely a bench is a bench and a table is a table? well yes of course! but what about suspension? Do you know how to get someone from the floor up to a suspended by their feet position? As importantly do you know how to do it safely? Do you know how long is a safe period of time to leave summon suspended upside down? now thats just one bit of kit, to keep things jovial, do you want a skinny little left arm and a huge muscular right arm? If your answer is no which it should be then you’ll need to know how to work a Venus2000 or maybe a Trembler of a GenerationF milking machine, a doxy wand as an absolute minimum! Now does mentoring make sense? and whilst you are about educating yourself what are you going to do when a 20 stone man you have just finished strapping to a StAndrews Cross passes out? is there someone on the premises with a First Aid Certificate to deal with it for you? probably not! So you want to be a ProDom, the Pro part is an abbreviation of Professional, why do you not have a first aid certificate? not the kind of mentoring I do but courses are available in every town the length and breadth of the country, just My opinion of course but every PD should be the holder of one!

I’m not, really I am not……I’m in that very lucky but also hard worked for position in life that I don’t have to, in this age of the internet people do expect things for nothing, good old google/bing/yahoo…with the ProDom game thats not out there just yet, maybe one day who knows but for now most of the emails I get, and I get a few, start with I asked Mistress**^**^* to show me how to do a **whatever** she said no because she was the only one in this part of the UK who knows how to do one and doesn’t want to lose any work, and both parties are right Mistress**^**^* has absolutely no obligation to share her knowledge but the Mistress asking is right to ask rather than try to wing it….just have a go….give it a shot so there is a place for mentoring and if you enjoy it, which I for the most part do then hey why not.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize…never a more true saying if you are looking to make a career out of being a ProDom, starting out as a ProDom is a little like skilled work in any vanilla industry, you start out as an apprentice, move to the shop floor, supervise the shop floor, move into management and one day if your lucky you own the company and you have made a very comfortable living along the way and have the trappings that go with it….

In the PD world that would be Apprentice, one of many who know very little, On the shop floor, doing ok and throwing your hat into mix, supervising the shop floor, becoming a recognised ProDom, building a reputation, being a face, call it what you will. moving into management, maybe you have specialised and grown your business into a really lucrative one, premises, kit, tools etc owning the company….haha, well you have a spectacular dungeon, a separate space for your speciality, your being paid to travel and maybe HouseMistress, to give talks, a nice VOD site, you’re there and you are making serious money…..I promise you without investment in time and money on goods, premises and gaining skill sets you’ll never do it and thats a fact.

I will stop waffling now, I know you’ve had enough and if you haven’t I have, a random waffle but a lot of good info if you have read this far, if you are starting out, take this blog as the truth not as something to put you off, if you can find a premises, if you can build some skill sets, if you can build a client base you will have a very lucrative and very interesting life, I wish you all the very best….

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