So I have had many requests for topics folks are interested in hearing My slant on, however I am as you all know quite capable of rambling on in My blogs and whilst they are always! as well as being full of My opinions full also of good solid sound advice and facts, they don’t always run in sequential order. Hey we all have our faults, so last blog I wrote about mentoring and being a new Domme, touched on places to work from, how to operate a business that type of thing, I am aware that there are gaps that need filling although the general census of opinion is in the positive……


Ok so I was talking about places to session from when you are new, how difficult it can be, also logistics was discussed and I used London as an example, there are numerous commercial dungeons in London, there are also untold amounts of ProDom’s so lets say you have 15 potential appointments to book in over the week, 3 on one day 5 on another day and 7 over another two days, on the first day session 1 you book in at StudioX but they don’t have room to book in session 2 but thats ok because StudioY has room, great you think , but then you realise session 1 finishes at midday and session 2 starts at 12.30 so you can’t get there in time let alone have time to set up, session 3 there is no space available… as I was saying in the last blog if you have nowhere to session from then you might as well not have the appointment because you won’t be doing them……I’m not one to take anything for granted so will point out that is quite common in London and other cities so imagine trying to book 5 in on one day, near on mission impossible…..


Well I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the down side of that, like how are you going to charge when there is no kit there, as in furniture, and hey yes there are exceptions where a bedroom or hotel is perfect for the type of session booked but in the main it’s not, then there is noise, most commercial dungeons will be in an area where sound is not an issue or they will have sound proofing, make a lot of noise and if your lucky the manager will just chuck you out, not so lucky he’ll call the police….thats the last thing you need and you’ll struggle to get people to return for a 2nd visit.

Bedroom Dungeons

In near all cities and most towns of a decent size you will find ProDom’s, lots are using a spare bedroom as a dungeon and they survive very well, some of them are awesome and really innovative, a little bit of sound proofing, 2 or 3 bits of kit, a cross a bed and a bench and many years worth of accumulated hardware like canes straps etc etc all the tools of a good ProDom, maybe you are really lucky and you are able to do this in your own house or find a Lady willing to share

Semi Commercial Dungeons

I operate one of these Myself although I more refer to mine as an accidental dungeon, I was a very successful full time Dungeon ProDom and had started My own studio in an industrial unit, very densely equipped, then I opened a 2nd unit to house Medical play having become somewhat of an expert over My career and in that one move near all My clients barring maybe 10 or 15 moved over to the medical facility, 10 to 15 appointments a month just wasn’t enough but at the same time too much money to loose so the logical answer was to rent it out. So often as not getting a slot like that (i’m not the only one by far) is being in the right place at the right time, if you are lucky enough respect it, nurture the owner and be grateful, this building built on the back of many years blood sweat and tears along with a huge capital investment, it is enabling you to have a business and make a substantial wage. More fool you if you don’t!


Starting out is not so easy, easier if you have a supportive partner with a job who can support you as you get established generally speaking once established it is a dream job, varied interesting and don’t listen to them moaning of Twitter or whatever its called nowadays it is very very well paid, incredibly well paid, if it’s not you’re doing something wrong. So in an ideal world with a bit of luck you’ll find somewhere like My place or a kind and generous Lady willing to share a bedroom Dungeon and you will be a survivor, a swimmer, if your not so lucky then as I said in My last blog, they come and they go, it is hard out there. the very best of luck to you all.

Investing In Your Business

That doesn’t just mean money, it also means time I’m sure from an outside view it all seems very simple you awake fresh smelling, fully made up, glide across the room and get dressed by a couple of live in slaves, breakfast awaits……Yeah Right! it’s a business like any other business and you need to nurture it and grow it, if you do, brilliant, you’ll be about for many years you’ll earn a lot of money, have an interesting life and one day be blogging and doling out advice like good old me…..

If you don’t you will fail it is that simple, and for the first few years it is a bottomless money pit, however if you have a place to work from and you don’t mess that up, you’ll have an income that won’t even miss it and as you get established you’ll have clients that will buy you things, often very generous they can be in their purchases….I strongly suggest you look after them….

Don’t become a princess and start to believe your own self created publicity, take time to answer calls, take time to answer emails and do it thoroughly, yes it can be tedious and in the early years whilst you develop not just your business but also your BullShit monitor you will fall foul of time wasters. If you’re getting pissed with it, just take a look at your friends working 50 or 60 hours a week with the constant pressure of KPI’s and the like and then add up the three or four hours a week after expenses it takes you to smash their wage into oblivion as well as have all that free time to go for coffee, down the gym or whatever your pass times are……. so a couple or three hours a week to deal with admin I’m sure you’ll agree is a very very small sacrifice!

How To Run Or Operate Your Business

There is no right or wrong way to answer this, let Me give you my business model and a couple that I have seen that are different to mine but work well…..

My method is I believe the simplest and has proven very lucrative and interesting over the years, I am set in My ways and as the saying goes **If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it** so…..find a place to work from, make sure you keep that place whatever, with no place to work from you’ll soon go under, invest as much time into getting knowledge and skill sets as you can and every client that walks through the door, give them the best session you are able to give, throw your whole being into it and do your very best to make them want to return and become a regular, a couple of years in you’ll be turning custom away, earning the maximum you can earn in the hours you have to commit to it and if you keep that ethos through your career all I can say is I am living proof you’ll not ever run out of regulars nor look back. N.B. If after two years you are not swimming in regulars then you are doing something seriously wrong, maybe several things….

The Family Method……this is just what I call it, you call it what you want, I first came across this ooohhh! 15 maybe 17 years back when working along side MistressKrush and it is actually a really cute way to operate, she like us all started out by building a big bank of regulars and then created her family, she created in effect a pecking order and so a ladder to climb, competition to get in Mistresses inner circle, so I must say up front I really can’t remember MistressKrush’s exact business model, but it went something like…….she had an inner circle, an outer circle and then did not take on any new clients unless she lost a client, a closed shop in effect, the fact you won’t take on new clients makes folk want to come and see you all the more, clever! so the inner circle pay a monthly fee and for that they get session time and also vanilla time with their Mistress in the form of calls, texts, meeting for coffee, breakfast, maybe doing activities with Mistress that are beneficial to her, IT, gardening, driving and the like, it is a guaranteed income…… the outer circle are regulars they are made to feel special in other ways, Mistress will hold a Christmas/Easter/Halloween get togethers and they are invited that type of thing they pay and book in advance, ie:- they have their session whenever that may be, weekly, monthly every other month and on completion of their session they book and pay the next one so the next session is guaranteed making it guaranteed income…’s simple and effective all are loyal and wanting to move up the pecking order……this leaves Mistress time to do as she pleases, maybe she is a gym rat, maybe she likes filming whatever, figure the maths out for yourself it doesn’t take many guaranteed appointments to make life not just comfortable but very even keeled, there are now many who operate their businesses this way and all are successful…..

The Mixed Method….. So mixed method, some operate this way because they like it, some because of logistics, some I’m guessing because when they were learning their trade their local peers worked this way…..So I won’t mention any names but logistics is the reason a very good friend of mine works this way, and hey it works, where she is in the country there are a lot of ProDoms so those with their own studio are doing the best and those without are struggling a little, so in come the various platforms for web camming where you can go on line and talk to clients in a private window for a fee, obviously you lose quite a large percentage of your earnings paying the host but it is income so……some ladies do this full time and make a small fortune, I have never done it so can’t say too much about it, then over and above that there are numerous platforms where you can sell film clips you have made, these can be as simple as you talking to the camera right through to excerpts from a scene you set up or from an actual session, again the platform providing the space takes a large percentage of your take but again a source of income, My friend between sessions, camming and filming is making a very tidy living and has a happy life…..

Ok I’m sure there are other ways, and just before I go there are ladies out there that just film and sell clips and ladies that just cam and all make a living some of them a very good living so there you have it