I have a beautiful studio but when I specialised and opened The Practice My medical suite, I pretty much emptied the studio, not the smartest of moves really, however it forced Me into a choice of either closing it or renting it out, I chose to rent it and so a 2nd business was born, DungeonHire known as Fallen Angel Studio over the years it has become successful, initially I just rented it to one other ProDom and shared it with her but times change, folks move on and that came to an end.

I have been in this location some 14/15 years and I am now on ProDom number 11, on occasion I have had 3 or 4 here at the same time, they were all part time and so that worked well but again folks come and go for varying reasons, one left after becoming a Multi-Millionaire, I’d love to say I played a part in that but she sold other businesses she owned along with a chunk of land and the very very best of luck to her.

Anyway I digress I currently have 2 ProDom’s and of course My private hire clients, non of the ladies work for Me I just hire the space to them so they can and do, come and go as they please and quite rightly so! they are after all self employed. But that said DungeonHire is also a business and there is currently much space available in the diary, space enough to allow a full time PD and so make for a very lucrative and successful business for you whilst adding to My current business turnover, win win for all really….

I am sure there must be someone out there looking to move a business into the area, looking to start a business and need a place to work from and what a place it is, I have posted just a few pictures below which will give you some idea of how well kitted it is, however although not in there much Myself I do still take great pride in it and am constantly improving it with new kit, swapping kit out etc so as soon as I post new pictures it is not long before they become out of date. don’t be surprised when you turn up if it doesn’t look exactly the same.

The Ideal Candidate

You would be experienced, maybe you just moved into the area or you are a long term private player looking to go Pro…. I will consider those that are looking to do just a few sessions a week but what I’m really looking for is someone to come and take the bull by the horns so to speak and build a full time business here. The diary is on line and it is strictly first come first served so no need to worry regards a pecking order, there isn’t one! Nor is there any kind of favouritism….

You will need to be spotlessly clean, the hire fee is comparable to other spaces very keen at only £50.00 per hour, for that you get an awesome space, ever improving, ever evolving, warm and safe, you also very generously get 15 mins in and 15 minutes out time, free of charge to set up and clean down, I am not expecting you to spring clean when you finish but I do expect you wipe down all you have used and mop around the area where you have been working, cleaning gear is supplied, you’ll expect it clean when you arrive and so will anyone coming in to session after you. If you can’t do that you won’t be here long!

So what you need to do is call or email, I’ll shut time off in the diary so we can show you round, make you a coffee and we can access each other, I am honest to the point of being blunt so won’t hesitate to say sorry your not for me if I don’t get a good vibe from you. and will expect the same in return. Hopefully that all goes well and we can move on from there, there really is a huge opportunity here that nobody is currently filling.

My best wishes to you all….. Sara 💋