HaHa….so true an expression, it is no secret that Dungeon Hire A.K.A Fallen Angel studios was My play space till such times as I opened The Practice and pretty near emptied it, I am still in there numerous times a month with some of My oldest and most loyal regulars but 98% of My time is in The Practice

So for the most part Fallen Angel is a commercial Dungeon and very much a stand alone business, there is a large client base of private hire clients that just keeps on growing, then I have had over the years numerous professional ladies, they come and they go for various reasons, on occasion I have had as many as 4 working here at a given time, they were all of course part time so within reason that worked out ok, what always works best is if you have a full time professional, hey they are human you know and have commitments so they are not here every hour of every day, this usually leaves more than enough time to slot the private hire clients in….perfect when you can find one, it’s a lot harder than you’d think…..

So we just said goodbye to ProDom Number11 and we wish her well, this would normally leave a hole in the diary however on this occasion we have an amazing lady ready to step in Mistress K

A very experienced Dominatrix of some 15 years standings as you’d expect highly skilled and look above I’m sure you’ll agree stunningly beautiful, little wonder the appointments are rolling in already…..you can book her through her own web site or directly via Dungeon Hire click Here

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I am as per usual rushed off My feet, not that I complain just not getting time to write as I would like…..so till next time welcome to Fallen Anger MistressK and to the rest of you, thanks for reading Sara xx